Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


T.S. Kalkur, Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, 80918

EN Room 220
(719) 262-3147 (office)
&719) 262-3589 (fax)


Areas of Interest:


Microelectronics circuit design, device physics,  Ferroelectrics for tunable RF Circuit applications, Nano-crystalline memories, Polarization switching data converters, Deep Submicron Device and circuit modeling, MEMS based sensors and switches, radiation hardened circuit design.


Recent Ph.D. Students:


Dr. Jong Kim, “Circuit Design Techniques for High Speed Output Buffers”, Spring 2007


Dr. Greg Pauls, “Phase Locked Loop utilizing polarizing ferroelectric capacitor timing element”,  Fall 2006.


Dr.  Asad Jamil, “Tunable high-K based Phase Locked Loops” Spring 2006


Dr. Ali Mahamud, “Active Phase Shifter using Tunable High-K”, Fall 2005


Dr. Shunming Sun, “Polarization Switching D/A converter”, 2004,

Employment: Black Forest Engineering, Colorado Springs.


Dr. Younus Lotfi, “LC Tank Based VCOs”, 2004,

Employment: Vitesse Semiconductors, Colorado Springs.


                                                                          On-Going Projects


a)      “Micro Heater Array Development for NASA with Professor Jungo Kim, University of Maryland College Park.


b)      “Simulation of Quadfet with Silvaco tools” with Dr. Richard Mirin, NIST.


c)      “Tunable High Dielectric constant based Phase Locked Loops”, NSF.  








Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Engineering Building Room 299
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